• The bike must only be driven by muscle power.
  • Special bikes of all sorts are very welcome, as long as they comply with the traffic rules.
  • The bike must be fitted with adequate lights for driving at night and during the day under poor light conditions, headlight with a strength of at least 40 lux, backup lights are compulsory.
  • The participants must wear a reflective jacket when driving at night and under poor light conditions.
  • To wear a helmet is recommended.
  • To offer or receive support on the route outside the controls is forbidden, but allowed at the controls.
  • Participants are allowed to help each other on the route.
  • Traffic laws of The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy must be respected.
  • Directions of the organizers must be respected and followed.
  • Participants, who pass a control late, have to catch up the lost time in the next stages.
  • Participants, who have missed a secret control, will be disqualified.
  • Finish in Verona must be reached within 90 hours.
  • The organizers can penalize violations to the rules by adding a time penalty to the overall time.