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Brevet Merselo-Verona
– Distance: 1200 km
– Height: +/- 10.000 hm
Registration: 26-8-2018
– Startingtime: 27-8-2018 at 05.00 hr.
– Location: Merselo, Molen “Nooit Gedacht”
– Participants limit: 50 participants
– Qualification: none
– Participation fee: € 350
– Entry opens: 16-12-2017 at 17.00 hr. CET

Just like in 2014 the Dutch BRM organiser Jan van Osch wil organise a 1200km brevet from Merselo in the Netherlands to Verona in Italy. Following the tradition of several international organisers, this ride isn’t a traditional out and back or roundcourse but will actually take you across a large part of Europe. Starting at only a day’s ride cycling from the North Sea we’ll finish at less than a day’s cycling of the Adriatic.

The ride is organised around the already well known format of a brevet with 3 hotel/hostel accomodations for the 3 nights on the road. Also included is this time the accomodation in Verona. Of course it’s possible to aim for a sub 80 hour ride but then you’ll have to arrange your own accomodation.

The participation fee will be € 350,-. This includes a.o. 4 nights in hotels/hostels, the pre ride and after ride dinners luggage transport (max. 40liter) and the usual registration costs. There will be a maximum of 50 participants. If there are more than 50 entries, we’ll have a waiting list.

The start of the event will be on Monday august 27th at the Merselo windmill. 4 days later, august 30th will be the finish in Verona. On the way to Verona riders will pass the Maas and Rhine valleys, the hills of the Alb in southern Germany, and two Alpine passes, the Arlbergpass and the Reschenpass/Resia pass. South of the Reschenpass we’ll ride along the Valley of the Etsch/Adige and the Garda Lake.

We’ll open our registration on Saturday december 16th. After registration the riders will receive information how and when to pay. We’ll accept credit card payments, PayPal and payment via the usual Dutch, German and Belgian payment systems.

Registration and bike check will be on Sunday august 26th, followed by the pre ride dinner.

For a first impression you can see a photo series of the 2014 event by Ivo Miesen

A video of the event by Alexander Neumann on Youtube

Other photos and stories from 2014 of participants and volunteers can be found under “2014 – Photo / Story” on this site.